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Rodents don't stand a chance!
The Rodent Terminator is a revolutionary new electronic rodent trap which will put an end to your rodent problems forever!

Rodents are a HUGE problem whether they are in your home or business. They are more than just a pest - they carry disease and can ruin food, property and your reputation. They breed like crazy and can adapt to almost any environment or food source. If you have seen one - there are several more you haven't seen yet!

The answer is the Rodent Terminator. Put it anywhere - inside or outside. It's inconspicuous and discreet so it can go anywhere it's needed. It remains on standby for months and will kill dozens of rodents on a set of batteries.

The Rodent Terminator uses a heart-stopping electric shock to INSTANTLY KILL the rodent. No poison or sticky mess. No blood or gore. It is safe, humane and very easy to clean.

Find out why the Rodent Terminator is being described by many people as the best rodent trap in the world!